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Exmoor is a wonderful place for walking.

High moorland leads into ancient oak woodlands and down to grassy slopes which, for generations, have been cropped short by Exmoor Horn sheep.  


Dotted across the landscape are villages and hamlets and, in them, small churches and tiny chapels.

The Porlock Pilgrim's Trail takes you to nine of Exmoor's churches and chapels. The paths you travel have been walked and ridden by clergy and parishioners for hundreds of years – indeed the path from Stoke Pero to Luccombe is called Priest's Way.

Most religions include the tradition of pilgrimage and today the definition of who is a pilgrim is tricky to pin down. Perhaps a pilgrim is any wanderer who is able to gain strength, hope and a sense of well-being from their walking.

On this Trail you will walk amongst Exmoor's stunning scenery and stand in some beautiful old buildings; you may listen to a lark's song rising or watch a herd of red deer as they disappear into woodland – events that enrich one's journey.

There is a Pilgrim's Trail ink stamp in each church and chapel which can be used, with your Trail Guidebook, to record your walking progress.

Porlock Pilgrim's Trail has received financial support from the Exmoor National Park Partnership Fund.

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