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Fingerpost and gate changes

January 2024:

A new fingerpost has been erected in Huntscott, which is actually a good thing as the old one was inside a thick hedge but the new one has a different destination on it! Another signpost has been slightly altered too, and two new gates have appeared. We're taking the opportunity to reword three paragraphs on page 21 to reflect these changes and to make the route description just a little bit clearer.

Page 18, paragraph 3:

Turn left at the road and walk through the hamlet. Just before the road starts to climb, turn right down the track in front of Morefields House signed Wootton Knowle and Holt.

Paragraph 4:

Once beyond the buildings, keep ahead and then fork left on the Permitted Footpath Avoiding Fields to Holt.

After about 200 yards this path leads to a narrow stream bridge, after which keep ahead signed to Tivington. In the field boundary ahead and about 50 yards to the left, is a stile. Cross this stile and immediately turn left, again signed to Tivington.

Paragraph 6:

After you cross the small footbridge keep straight ahead, heading for the small woodland – you may wish to turn right and skirt around the edge of the field if it has been planted. On reaching the plantation, turn right through two gates up the side of the field keeping the plantation on your left, signed with yellow arrows. At the end of the field, turn left into a track and then at the crossroads of lanes keep ahead to pass Wilsden Cottage on your right.

Completed work at Culbone Church

January 2024 Update to the original November 2023 update:

The work at Culbone Church has now been completed and access to the church is now back to normal; the route in the Trail guidebook is unchanged.

Signpost changes between Tivington and Selworthy

November 2023:

On page 25, the second paragraph refers to a signpost pointing to Tivington. A new signpost has been erected and it now says Blackford.

On the same page, in the third paragraph, the sign to Luccombe has gone missing. Luckily, the turning is the only one and you won't be going wrong for the lack of the fingerpost. We have told Exmoor National Park Authority and they will be installing a new signpost as soon as they can.

Guidebook Second Edition - .gpx files

October 2023:

Unfortunately the web address for the .gpx files on page 2 of the Trail guidebook is not clear. This is because lower case letter L in our typeface can be mistaken to be a number one. In the web address for the .gpx files, all three of the I characters are lower case letter Ls.

Guidebook Second Edition

October 2023:

We have just started sending out the Second Edition of our guidebook (it has a signpost on the cover, the First Edition has a photograph of the moor and hills from Selworthy Church).

The clarifications to the route published prior to this notice apply only to the First Edition.

Selworthy church is open again

June 2023:

Selworthy church was closed while the ceiling was repaired. It is now open again with a beautifully repaired ceiling over the organ.

Sticky doors

April 2023:

A number of the churches have doors that stick when it is wet ... and it has been wet.

Porlock Weir, Luccombe and Tivington seem to be the worst culprits. Give the door a good push, or pull, and you should get in! The main door to Luccombe is around to the left.

Re-routed footpath south of Oare church

October 2022:

The re-routing of the footpath just south of Oare, on the way to Stoke Pero, has been completed.  If your guidebook has an addendum slip in it then this will no longer be needed, the route on the ground now ties in with the guidebook.  If you use the OS Maps app, the new route of the footpath is on their real-time map already.  

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